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Refreshing Ministry

“Same a fresh way”


In 2016 was a year of a total refreshing for Pastors BJ and Carol. Although BJ was most known for his music advancements and creative abilities, he also had a keen way of explaining the word of God in such a way that made people, not only listen, but consider a REFRESHED way. While seeing there is a love for knowledge and God’s people started to 

demonstrate the lack thereof, God began to speak to Pastor BJ and gave him vision that would allow people to receive God's same word.....but in a refreshed way. God spoke and said call it REFRESHING MINISTRIES. 

Since that moment, Pastor BJ and Pastor Carol has been moving 

throughout the Delaware valley teaching Music Ministry Workshops to various cultures and ethnicities on the 5 Elements for effective worship. The Refreshing ministry also designed a WORSHIP Workshop that focuses on the 

specific areas of worship and teaches how to obtain 

maximum potential. While this has become an immediate 

success the idea of a church had still not become 

established. Pastors BJ and Carolyn would often say

 “In God’s timing we will move toward a church....

now we will serve his people until he speaks”

Currently the Refreshing ministries is currently doing ministry serving as part of the executive team at Eternal Hope of Glory under the leadership of Apostle Hal Best.

The goal isn't to create an amazing church, but to create amazing people who can become the church. To God be the glory for what has happened thus far...however only God knows whats gonna happen next.




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